Tapestry of people receiving baptism while dove files aboveBaptism, a rite of acceptance into the church, is the sign of new life in Christ. In baptism we are a new creation, born into the life of the church. Water is blessed and poured over the head of the person being baptized as they are named as Christ’s own in the name of God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There are four Sundays in the church calendar — usually one per season — when baptisms take place at St. John’s. Please contact the church office for more information.

Baptism of Infants and Children

It is important for the baptism of your child to occur when the community gathers, so normally, baptism is scheduled on Sunday morning during a worship gathering. If you would like to have your child baptized at St. John’s, please contact The Rev Anne Crosthwait (, 416-225-6611 x 226) to set up an appointment to discuss. There is always some preparation required before baptism along with the expectation of church attendance and involvement.

Baptism of Adults

As with the baptism of infants and children, the baptism of adults normally occurs as part of the regular worship life of the parish. If you are considering deepening your commitment to your life in Christ and would like to be baptized, please speak with The Rev. Anne Crosthwait to arrange a time to discuss your next steps.

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