Peaceful place in churchyard with grave monument and flowers

We know that the time leading up to and following the death of a loved one can be very difficult. From our Christian faith we will provide assistance and care to you and your family.

Clergy are available for pastoral care before and after a death as well as to help make arrangements for a funeral or memorial service. Our services follow the basic Anglican liturgy with scriptures and homily but can be personalized with readings, music and a time of thanksgiving. Our Garnsworthy Room is available for a reception. You can also make pre-arrangements and these instructions will be kept on file.

St John’s York Mills also has an historic churchyard and at the time of a death, members of the parish may make arrangements for their loved one to be buried there.

Requests for pastoral care or for funeral arrangements can be made to The Rev. Anne Crosthwait (, 416-225-6611 x 226). Inquiries regarding the churchyard should be directed to the church office at 416-225-6611.

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